In Sweden, an eight-year-old girl swam across the lake and found an exciting find: a 1500-year-old sword.

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8 year old girl and found 1500 years of sword. A: Andrew Vanacak

El It is not always something to come across a sword in the lake, her says Mikael Nordström of the Jönköpings Läns Museum.

But this is exactly what happened to Saga Vanecek, an 8-year-old boy floating on the Lake Vidöstern.

Saga said, ıy I was out of the water, throwing sticks and stones to see how far they were going. Then I found some kind of stick. Sonra

D I took it and put it back in the water, but it had a handle and I saw that the tip was a little sharp and rusty. I kept him in the air and said, ‘Dad, I found a sword!’ I said. When your father saw that it was rusty, he ran and came and took it. Bab

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1500 year old sword in the lake. C: Jönköpings Läns Museum

One reason Saga could find the sword was because the water in the family home was low due to drought this year. Therefore, the family was putting a buoy in the lake to warn other boats due to low water levels.

Saga’s father said, ini I wanted Saga to bring the buoy, but it was fun as a child playing in the water. I was impatient because the World Cup match was about to start! Um

At first, the father thought that his daughter had found a stick or a branch, but decided that it could be a sword, but even then he thought it could be a modern toy.

A Child in Sweden Finds 1500 Years of Sword in the Lake - image on

1,500 year old sword. A: Andrew Vanacak

The family asked someone who was interested in their neighbors and archeology, and learned that the remains were real and should be reported to the authorities.

At the beginning it was reported that the sword was at least 1000 years old, but the museum later said that they believed the sword might be older and that they had predicted that they could belong to the 5th or 6th century before the Viking. The discovery attracted great attention from archaeologists and historians.

Museum worker Mikael Nordström said, lu It is about 85 cm long and the wood and metals around it are preserved. Kılı We’re very keen to see conservation personnel do their jobs and see more of the sword details, Kons he says.

Anyone who hopes to see the sword will have to wait at least a year. Nordström said, için The process of preservation takes quite a long time because it is a complex material with wood and leather, so it has several steps to ensure its future protection. “

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The sword is probably dated to the pre-Viking period. A: Andrew Vanacak

“I don’t know why I found it here. When we called the area a few weeks ago, we found another prehistoric object; a brooch of the same period with the sword, so we don’t know yet, but maybe it’s a place of presentation. kılı

Sword has led to the creation of teams to carry out further research in the region, including the museum staff, but none came up with such an important find. Provincial research led to the discovery of the brook, but the oldest object found in the second search was a currency from the 18th century.

Bulma We asked Saga not to tell the sword to anyone, because we were afraid that this discovery could be heard immediately, that a lot of people would come, maybe we would have a chance of finding something later.

Saga confirmed that the only person whose sword he said was his best friend, whom he had trusted so much. The past day was the first day he could tell his story to his classmates, and his teacher organized a party to celebrate, to distribute ice cream, and to listen to Saga’s television and radio interviews.

Eight-year-old girl said that she did not want to pursue a career in archeology after this experience and that she now hopes to become a doctor, veterinarian or an actress in Paris.

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